The Kingdom of Nelson

A large kingdom dominating the east coast of theNew World south of The Duchy of Arderoth, west of the Guardspine Mountains and north of Cardyff, New Mossburg and New Alusia.

The Kingdom of Nelson is a kingdom in name only. It is ruled primarily by a council of 18 Burgesses, 9 appointed by the feudal lords, 6 by the lord mayors, and 3 by the King of Nelson.

Physically the Dutchy of Arderoth is a fertile plateau with a cool temperate climate and well defined seasons. It is bordered on the west by the desolate Northern Coastal Hills and the coastal town of Dulane. To the north the Arderoth plateau drops precipitously to the mysterious forrest K’Raellia. To the east lay the Western Spur of the Guardspine Mountains and the abandoned fortress of Kharglewaithe. The southern border consists of the majestic but impassable Shawash Canyon the equally impassible Shawash Fens and the [[Arderoth-Nelson Road]].

The City of Arderoth and surrounding area are the center of government and political power. Duke Orech and his wife, Duchess Annaliz, are well liked by the people and rule in relative peace and prosperity. Cattle, pigs, poultry, wheat, barley, iron and coal pass through the city headed south to Nelson while finished goods and settlers enter from the south. The City of Arderoth is the crossroads for the Arderoth Khargkewaithe Trail, the Ardreoth Dulane Road and the Arderoth Nelson Road.

The Kingdom of Nelson

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