A tough, durable composite material made of laminated animal hides, bone, tooth and chips of reddish black obsidian peculiar to the Far North of the New World. Uruch use Yeogh in place of wood and metal, both of which are scarce in their arctic home. Yeogh has several unique properties.

Strength with age: Yeogh hardens and sharpens over time. New weapons and armor start with a minor penalty over metal weapons and armor. 3-10 year old Yeogh is of similar quality to human steel. At 10-20 years it is considered masterwork quality and Yeogh older than 20 years gains magical properties that increase at 50 year increments.

Peculiar odor: Smells like wet donkey leather. Worse with age.

*Weakens with heat: Yeogh will last centuries in the cold north, but rots rapidly above 80 degrees. Within a week it will soften and become useless. Within a month it loses its strength with age properties. By the end of a temperate summer Yeogh will be no more than smelly dust with broken glass.


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