A fierce race of barbarous orcs living in the far north of the New World. They are burly humanoids with black, brown or red hair, red eyes and a protruding snout resembling a boar’s. They prefer the dimly lit [Far North] because full daylight below the Arctic circle causes them pain. Males and females both hunt and fight, but few females achieve leader status. Uruch are highly variable in size and mental capacity with tribes including individuals ranging from 3’ to 7’ tall and animal to nearly human intellect.

Uruch are extremely adaptable and resourceful. They have mastered most basic crafts and members of the tribes specialize and barter. Their clothing and armor is crude but effective, primarily made from animal hides and fragments of metal. Uruch prefer large, heavy hafted weapons of Yeogh. Uruch have been known to domesticate wolves, bears, reindeer and other arctic animals, although the Uruchs’ cruelty seldom makes them truly faithful.

Uruch organize themselves into tribes of up to 100 based mostly on availability of food and strength of their leader. They tend to be nomadic, following herds of caribou, but some have settled in the Northern Spur of the Guardspine Mountains preying on sheep and raiding Mountain Dwarf settlements.

Occasionally an extremely charismatic Uruch chieftain can unite more than one tribe into a rampaging horde. They quickly deplete the local food supply and bully their neighbors into joining the horde. There is no way to feed or supply such a horde in the Far North. They inevitably head south to clash with dwarves, elves and humans. Only the loss of their Uberchief can turn them back.


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