The Landbond

The Landbond is an affinity with the living aspects of a particular land. A landbond can be developed through secret rituals of the Ancient Ways or a blessing (curse?) of the Faeries. Some creatures and races such as elves and gnomes are naturally landbound.

A creature’s motherland can be quite large, even an entire world, but as a rule, the larger the motherland the more conditions placed upon it. Conditions can include:

  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Night
  • Under the Sky
  • Under the Earth
  • In Storms

A Landbond creature usually becomes morose and despondent when they are away from their land but suffers no other penalty.

Leaf Elves were originally landbound to their homeland Shea Dormanu but as their clans’ blood has spilled upon the New World their bond there has grown. The cataclysm has bound all Leaf Elf spirits so strongly to the New World that their ghosts still haunt its wild places.

The Landbond

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