Shea Dormanu

Shea Dormanu is the ancestral home of the Elves. No mortal knows the exact location of this mystical land, but every civilized nation has legends of the Elves’ arrival in this world. The humans of the Old World and the New World have a nursery rhyme.

  • Beyond the sea, another sea.
  • Beyond the storm, another storm.
  • Beyond the bough, another bough.
  • Upon the bough a branch of green.
  • Where seas and storms and boughs are one
  • The shores of Shea Dormanu are seen.

Before the birth of time Shea Dormanu was an idyllic paradise. The elves were one and lived on the land and knew nothing of language, culture or material possessions. This was the First or Clay Age of the Elves.

One elf was born who was the pinnacle of his race; Civitas. The ways of civilization were as natural to him as the setting of the sun and the rising of the stars. Civitas spoke the first words, sang the first song, wove the first spell, shaped the first bow and brewed the first mead. All good things of civilization were born of Civitas. His brethren flocked to him and learned from him. Elven civilization grew like a mighty tree from the fertile soil of Shea Dormanu. Thousands of years passed and the elves flourished. This was the Second or Golden Age of the Elves. It would not last forever.

For reasons long lost in time and the chaos of an unending war, Civitas raised a mighty fleet. Every noble house gave its bravest to the cause of the nation. Civitas sent his magnificent fleet out into the Sea of Storms never to return. Each noble house claimed a greater loss than the others and all blamed Civitas for the disaster. Civitas’ final lesson to the elves was “There are none so high that they may escape the tide of justice.” Civitas was executed, plunging the elves into thousands of years of war. This is the current Third or Blood Age of the Elves.

No mortal has traveled to Shae Dormanu, but its perpetual war would make it a very dangerous place. Its cities are crumbling and fields blood-poisoned. The very sky is clouded with the residue of ancient destructive magic. The Noble Houses of the Elves divided into distant fortresses only forming alliances long enough to gain advantage.

Physically, Shae Dormanu is a vast island continent, temperate with mild seasons. It is surrounded by the Sea of Storms to the south and the Sea of Lost Souls to the north. A spine of high mountains runs across the island with tall marble ruins at the head of each mage-blasted valley. The fortress cities of the Noble Houses are the only sign of civilization and they are seldom at peace.

Shea Dormanu

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