Oesterath the Rash

Oesterath is an elusive and dangerous character in many Leaf Elf and human legends. He is rumored to be from the Elven homeland of Shea Dormanu and is thousands of years old. He haunts ancient forests and ancient ruins where Faeries live and sometimes tricks mortals into performing some seemingly meaningless task for him.

All human stories involving Oesterath end with a hapless traveller abducted by faeries and released decades later, no older and without any memory of the passage of time.

Leaf Elf stories treat Oesterath as a real person who appears periodically in Leaf Elf clan courts making outrageous demands based on ancient promises. His visits never end well for either him or the clan. The cataclysm was the result of a particularly bad visit, earning his nickname “the Rash”.

Descriptions of Oesterath vary a great deal, but there are a few similarities. He always has silver blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin with the suggestion of wood grain. He tends to be described as frail looking and tall. When threatened he can change into any animal, but always utters a prophetic curse before he flees.

Oesterath the Rash

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