Old World kingdom characterized by toughness, discipline and a little treachery. The cool northern climate and legendary diet of meat and barley have made these blonde, blue-eyed people tall and strong. They are good craftsmen whose goods lack decoration but are sturdy and durable. Mossburg has a strong martial tradition and can field a powerful, well disciplined force very quickly. Legends of the foundation of Mossburg include wiping the north clean of Uruch, Giants and The Fey.

Religion in Mossburg is tolerated, but the people are not generally spiritual. The Free Faith and Ancient Ways are practiced in Mossburg, but The Orthodoxy has been outlawed for a century due to constant friction with Alusia. Most Moss are agnostic if they think about religion at all.

Tolgor Nelson was Lord Martial of Mossburg, second only to the King.

The New World colony of New Mossburg was founded in Y30.


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