Old World kingdom characterized by innovation, freedom and privacy. The damp coastal climate has makes Lucenans pale skin and their straight brown hair always looks a little greasy. They are great architects and sailors with their respect for fellow Lucenans and willingness to learn making them cooperative and adaptable in groups. Due to reforms put in place 2 centuries ago by Tolgor Nelson the capital city of Lucene is a free city where foreign trade, banking and finance have created a thriving middle class. Most Lucenans own arms and armor and participate in militia drills voluntarily.

Lucenans are very private about their religion. The Orthodoxy was the dominant religion in Lucene, but has been waning for centuries as The Free Faith’s popularity grew. Huge Orthodoxy cathedrals have become warehouses in modern Lucene. The lax attitude toward the baronies of Lucene by the King has lead to a small resurgence of The Ancient Ways outside the capital.

Tolgor Nelson was Regent of Lucene for 8 years before the coronation of King Herbert.

The New World colony of Nelson was founded in Y0 making it the oldest New World colony. It is a free colony established through private funding from Lucene.


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