Leaf Elves

Leaf Elf: 5’-6’/Thin/ Blonde or streaked hair/Blue eyes/Pale skin that takes on a wood grain pattern with age.

Leaf Elves are a fierce race. They are swift, clever and brave. Individual Leaf Elves end to be rather moody by human terms, but rarely act out of anger when they do not have a clear advantage. While not known to be powerful wizards, magic is an integral part of every Leaf Elf’s life with nearly every adult able to cast at least a few spells. They are monogamous, mate for life and breed slowly, but a natural lifespan in excess of 500 years and resistance to disease keep their numbers strong.

The spirit of a Leaf Elf is believed to reside in the blood. This spirit is shared with other members of the elf’s clan. Their entire life is oriented toward serving and defending their clan. If a clan remains in one location or spills blood on the land in defense of the clan they form a strong connection known as The Landbond. A landbond is not voluntary for a Leaf Elf. Their spirit naturally binds to the earth and will remain bound forever. Leaf Elf clans do not migrate lightly, but if they must move a new landbond will form over time in addition to the original. All Leaf Elves are landbound to Shea Dormanu even though none have ever been there.

A clan of Leaf Elves is an extended family numbering from 50 to 500. Clans that are too small dwindle over time to nothingness and clans that are too large erupt into a violent schism with the smaller part fleeing their motherland. Leaf Elf clans are organized into 3 castes; Kot (Wood), Shaa (Wind) and Iresca (water) with each caste representing about 1/3 of the population. Individual Leaf Elves are very self sufficient taking great pride in meeting their own needs. The castes are specialties that serve the clan.

The Kot (Wood) caste specializes in defensive fighting, farming and construction. They maintain the motherland and defend it from enemies. The undisputed leader of the clan is the King. Kings are always from the Kot caste and tend to be male, but there are always exceptions. The King directs all activity within the kingdom’s settled borders and can call a council of elders to make decisions that affect the entire clan.

The Iresca (Water) caste specializes in crafting, gathering, teaching and magic. They are the clan’s link to the past and the future. Iresca will fight only in defense of the motherland in order to keep their landbond concentrated and their spirit focused. Second only to the King in rank, the Seer directs the course of the clan’s bloodline. The Seer is always from the Iresca caste and tend to be female. Seers select mates, schedule births, assign caste to adolescents, direct Changeling missions and act as the King’s advisor.

The Shaa (Water) caste specializes in scouting, hunting and diplomacy. They often operate outside the motherland raiding enemies and spying on rival clans. Their far ranging duties often dilutes their landbond making them somewhat less attached to their motherland. Shaa clan loyalty is often questioned by the other castes. When a clan schism occurs the Shaa are usually the instigators. The Warchief oversees all activities undertaken outside kingdom’s settled borders. The Warchief is always from the Shaa caste and may be either male or female. A good Warchief is seldom inside the kingdom’s borders, preferring to patrol outside the King’s authority.

The religion of the Leaf Elves closely resembles the Ancient Ways with the addition of a broad pantheon of Elfropomorphic embodiments of nature spirits and many, many songs.

  • Duran: The Sun
  • Kobos: The North Star
  • Teburon: The Moon
  • Kwist: The Rain
  • Mishk: The Snow
  • Yuraska: The Wind
  • You get the idea: Make up some more.

Leaf Elves

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