Leaf Elf Kingdoms

The Leaf Elves are the most numerous and farthest removed from the original Trunk Elves of Shea Dormanu. The Leaf Elf clans were originally the Trunk Elf lower classes of Shae Dormanu. When their civilization crumbled the lower classes were conscripted into vast factional armies. After centuries of bloody conflict the front lines dwindled and some ancient bloodlines were in danger of disappearing completely. A legendary Trunk Elf hero known only as The Mariner took pity upon these houses and together with an ambitious Trunk Elf prince, Oesterath the Rash, gathered the 8 decimated clans together and escaped the endless war of Shae Dormanu to recover their numbers.

They arrived to the New World in 8 magnificent elven galleons, each holding one clan. The galleon of the A’Renn Tol Clan was badly damaged passing through the Sea of Storms and The Mariner decided that the A’Renn Tol would land first. The other clans immediately started bickering. “Why should their incompetence and ill fortune tarnish our glory?” The other galleons crowded ahead, each intent on being the first to land, heedless of the foundering A’Renn Tol ship. In their haste they wrecked their galleons on the rocky shore each claiming to be the first as the bodies of the A’Renn Tol brothers washed up beside them. The Mariner was horrified. He vowed never to land on a shore so tainted. Oesterath dispassionately gathered the 7 remaining clan chiefs together for the first and last time for a secret council. The clans separated each to their own land where their chiefs became kings.

The 7 Leaf Elf Kingdoms were obsessed with the purity of their bloodlines and The Landbond. By Elven standards they have been driven mad. They saw their increasing bond to the New World as a stain that must be cleaned by selective breeding. Leaf elves are organized into 3 castes; Kot (Wood), Shaa (Wind) and Iresca (water).

The undisputed leader of the Kingdom is the King(duh). Kings are always from the Kot caste and tend to be male, but there are always exceptions. The King directs all activity within the kingdom’s settled borders and can call a council of elders to make decisions that affect the entire clan.

Second only to the King in rank, the Seer directs the course of the clan’s bloodline. The Seer is always from the Iresca caste and tend to be female. The Seers select mates, schedule births, assign caste, direct Changeling missions and act as the King’s advisor.

The Warchief oversees all activities undertaken outside kingdom’s settled borders. The Warchief is always from the Shaa caste and may be either male or female. A good Warchief is seldom inside the kingdom’s borders, preferring to patrol outside the King’s authority.

Leaf Elf Kingdoms

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