Several centuries ago an enormous volcanic eruption destroyed Mt Trysshylla, the holy mountain of the elves. The cataclysm nearly ended all life in the New World and caused a month of darkness around the world. A grey pall of ash spread across the New World and formed a thick, undulating layer of floating pumice many miles out to sea.

The cause of the cataclysm is lost in time and the bickering of the Leaf Elf Kingdoms, but all legends refer to Oesterath the Rash and an ancient pledge broken.

The desolate wasteland of Dor Khollom is all that remains of Mt Trysshylla.

The Leaf Elf Kingdoms were decimated. The kingdoms of the Koawash, Tillami and Dar Tillam were wiped from the face of the earth. The Shii and Balbor of the north survived but were greatly weakened. The Horami and Niss fared best, somehow finding shelter before the cataclysm struck. In the dark years to follow, the Niss eliminated the Horami bloodline from the New World in a brutal clan war.

The New World has largely recovered from the devastation. Lowland forests and grasslands flourished in the mineral rich ash. The terrible floods caused by flash-melted glaciers flushed the mountain valleys clean and what life remained sprang back with vigor. Hillsides within sight of the Southern Guardspine Mountains are blasted and blackened and are sometimes home to Banshees. The pumice mats and lava floes became stable new land in the Southern Point with a few huge blocks of rock hard floating pumice breaking free to become Floating Islands. By the time Tolgor Nelson arrived 200 years ago much of the cataclysm’s devastation had been erased.


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