Old World kingdom characterized by bravado, honor and a lust for gold. The sunny, dry climate has baked Alusians’ skin brown and burned their hair black. They are fine metal-smiths and horsemen but their individual temperament makes them uncooperative soldiers. Alusian ships are the finest seagoing vessels made, but an Alusian crew would fall into bickering and duels within days.

Alusians see religion as they see everything else: as a contest only won by the best and most honorable. They are devout and pious, especially in public. The Orthodoxy is the state religion of Alusia. The King of Alusia is also the High Priest of The Orthodoxy.

Tolgor Nelson was King of Alusia for 7 days before he abdicated naming King Marco VIII as his successor.

The New World colony of New Alusia was founded in Y20 making it the second oldest New World colony.


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