Tag: 'Dwarf'


  • High Halls

    The great city of the [[Mountain Dwarves]]. Hidden deep in the [[Guardspine Mountains]] within a lush alpine valley only accessable by a bridge of glacial ice are the cyclopean Gates of Brass leading to High Halls.

  • Guardspine Mountains

    An impassable, snowcapped mountain range running from north to south dividing the [[New World]] in half. To the north, the [[Western Spur]] and the [[Eastern Spur]] mark the northern edge of human civilization. The [[Northern Spur]] juts into the frozen …

  • Mt Trysshylla

    Once the highest peak in the [[Guardspine Mountains]] Mt. Trysshylla was visible from most of the southern [[New World]]. An academy of [[Branch Elves]] at its base insured its complete neutrality in [[Leaf Elf]] blood feuds marking Mt. Trysshylla as the …